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    Having read the other posts, I thought Rosemarie Blythe and Rosemarie Annabel sound lovely.

    Rosemarie Annora/Honora
    Rosemarie Isabel
    Rosemarie Elise
    Rosemarie Louisa

    And I think Rosemarie and Frederick would make great siblings!

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    claireelise - I really like Rosemarie Blythe, Rosemarie June and Rosemarie Claire! We were thinking of using Claire as a FN at one point.

    niftylavalamp - love your id! Rosemarie Anne and Rosemarie Annabel are wonderful. The Marie in Rosemarie is for MaryAnn!

    niteowl13 - Alice and Hope are going on the list! Alice was my first choice except our last name is horrid with it!

    Gretel - Rosemarie Skye and Rosemarie Willow are wonderful too!

    bonnielyn - Annora and Isabel are interesting!

    I am so glad you think Frederick William and Rosemarie ??? would be good siblings. I feel we are really on our way. I have to say that some of the names you suggested would never have crossed my mind but there are so many that would be beautiful.

    Willing to consider more but can't believe there could be more.

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