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    I love Bethany i think it matches with siblings and is intuitive to get nn Betty

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    I like Beatrix and Bettina best, especially with your other children's names. To me, Beth is the most obvious nn for Bethany, and Bethan would be confused for Bethany constantly.

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    I like Bethany or Beatrice the best.
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    I'm glad so many like Betty. Thanks for all of your ideas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicodesi View Post
    We plan on calling a dd Betty. This is my list of more formal names to give her:


    If anyone is wondering why no appearance of Elizabeth, it's because it's our niece's name (she goes by Lizzy). MN will be Gwen after my grandmother, although I'm thinking of lengthening it to Gwendolen in a combo with Bethan.

    I'd really like something that goes okay or doesn't clash horribly with my children's names: Logan Isaac, Ruby Marilyn, and Michael Lawrence "Mick".

    Which should I go for? Thanks!
    From these choices my favourite is Beatrix!

    I'm not a Bethany/Bethan fan I find the names unattractive and bland. I feel Bettina clashes too much with Logan, Ruby and Michael far too retro and out there. Furthermore this name has an almost Italian feel which clashes with Logan, Ruby, and Michael which feel southern together especially with Betty. I think Beatrice is far to elegant and lacks that sparky casual stance that the rest of children's names have. Thus leaving me with the elegant but sparky choice of Beatrix with her electric 'x' sound and buzzy sound. I think Logan, Ruby and Michael work stunningly well with Beatrix. I think that's a great choice for a more formal choice.

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