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    Can't decide on a full name for Betty

    We plan on calling a dd Betty. This is my list of more formal names to give her:


    If anyone is wondering why no appearance of Elizabeth, it's because it's our niece's name (she goes by Lizzy). MN will be Gwen after my grandmother, although I'm thinking of lengthening it to Gwendolen in a combo with Bethan.

    I'd really like something that goes okay or doesn't clash horribly with my children's names: Logan Isaac, Ruby Marilyn, and Michael Lawrence "Mick".

    Which should I go for? Thanks!

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    I think Bethany is a great fit with your other kids' names - but my favorite is Bettina followed by Beatrix.

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    For me, Beatrix makes the best combo with Logan, Ruby and Michael. Bettina is also wonderful but stands out other names you picked.
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    Oh happy day! A Betty! Any day I meet a Betty is a good day.

    Betony Gwendolen is beautiful. It's quite witchy-mysterious/romantic, because of the herb, and the Welshness of Gwendolen. I like the contrast of that vibe against spunky Betty.

    Bethany is so lovely, but there's some reality television person named Bethany who seems awful, and has besmirched the name for me.

    Bethan is also great, but Bethan Gwendolen sounds like "Beth and.."

    Beatrice would be an excellent choice. It's more popular than Betony, so I slightly favor Betony. I think Beatrice sounds a bit better than Beatrix with gentle Gwen or Gwendolen. Beatrice Gwendolen ooh la la that's gorgeous.

    Bettina is really sweet. It's like the tinkling of piano keys. Bettina Gwen. Gwendolen would take it into overly feminine frilly territory imo. I'm not as wild about the flow of Bettina G. as Betony Gwendolen or Beatrice Gwendolen.

    So happy you're having a Betty! Congratulations!

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    Oh, I love Betty!
    Bettina is a favorite of mine. If I were to have a Betty, her formal name would be Elisabetta or Isabetta.
    I also like Betty in a vintage combo. Betty Anne or Betty Jean.

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