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    A sister for Maryn and Caroline...

    We are expecting #3 in August and cannot decide on a name if it is a girl. Maryn Cassidy and Caroline Quinn are our first two daughters names. Considering Annabelle (?becomming too popular), Sadie Jane (my fave but hubby's not sold), Julia Jane (julia is a very common name around here but classic). Would LOVE opinions and suggestions!!

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    Your daughters' names are super cute!
    I am guessing that you would like Jane as the middle.
    You might like:
    Sarah Jane
    Susannah Jane
    Amelia Jane
    Daisy Jane
    Lydia Jane
    Bethany Jane

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    Have you noticed if Caroline's name pops up too much in a way that bothers you? Caroline is still ranked above Annabelle, so if you don't feel overwhelmed by fellow Carolines, I think you'll be safe with Annabelle.

    That said, I think Maryn, Caroline, and Sadie work best together. Maryn feels a little bit shorter and more spunky and modern, while Caroline is longer and more vintage and classic. Sadie unites the two: shorter, vintage, spunky. Annabelle would be my second pick, esp. if you are going to use a nickname like Annie or Belle sometimes. That would hit similar pluses in my book. Julia seems a bit formal compared to Maryn, and if you already find it common in your area, that might be a minus...

    Other ideas:
    Maryn, Caroline & Alice
    Maryn, Caroline & Lydia
    Maryn, Caroline & Audrey
    Maryn, Caroline & Eliza
    Maryn, Caroline & Laurel
    Maryn, Caroline & Ruby
    Maryn, Caroline & Lucy
    Maryn, Caroline & Elise
    Maryn, Caroline & Ivy

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    I like Annabel/le with Maryn and Caroline! Other suggestions:

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    Love the name Maryn!

    I would go with their Annabelle or Sadie. Julia doesn't seem to fit with the other two. Sorry, that doesn't narrow it down much for you.

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