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    Hazel June is an absolutely beautiful name that any little girl would be lucky to have!

    I think it's so hard to commit to a single name when your a name lover! Of course its got to be a name you both agree on but if it feels like too much of a compromise maybe you need to keep searching! We chopped and changed alot during pregnancy... I would bring my partner a list of beautiful names I'd researched and discussed with berries and agonised over and he would totally tear it apart... I guess it made it easier that there were only really two he agreed on... Out of at least 15 I loved I was really torn between these two names and it was hard to make a decision... In the end about a month before my pregnancy I found out by chance that one name had this very special link to our love story and thus her story and that decided it for me! I ADORE her name but I still sometimes think 'she could have been a.......(insert a host of names here!!). I put it down to being a gemini and a namelover!!!

    I would say keep in mind when you meet your daughter it may either feel very right or it won't so it might be safer to keep a somewhat open mind.. I had a lot of pressure to commit to a name from various family and friends but I refused until we had met her! That was the right thing for me... At various stages in the pregnancy when we thought we'd committed to one name or another people would refer to her by that name and even we would but I didn't let that force me into committing to a name before she came! It's a really big decision so don't be pressured by your husband just because he's fed up talking names!!!

    That said I think hazel June is totally stunning!

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    Hazel June is a stunning name. I see a Hazel has someone who has the potential to make a significant mark on her world. I really don't think a ranking of 175 is particularly popular. It just means the name is not unheard of.
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    I know a baby who is actually named Hazel June. I think it's a nice name.
    And I do have experience with a name I never imagined for my baby. DH and I had a really hard time coming up with names that we both liked. And the ones we did both like were sort of compromise neither were thrilled with it names. Then one day we were at dinner and he suggested Matilda and I was in the midst of shooting him down telling him how we couldn't name our daughter Matilda, could you imagine us sitting here to dinner me, you, and Matilda? And then I was just like wait a minute, actually I can! And it stuck - and fits her well

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    I have personally never been a fan of Hazel. Maybe because I have known of several pets with the name. I don't think it is bad, I just wouldn't personally use it.

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    Hazel June is perfect!

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