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    I know a Hansel (as in Hansel and Gretel but this Hansel is a girl) who changed her name to Hazel. This girl is popularly and a big flirt. But I still picture Hazel as a sweet, shyer name.

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    This made me laugh. I love Hazel June, and I love your dog's name, my oldest daughter's name is Ruby June.

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    I really like the name Hazel! It's definitely a hipster name, though (not sure if you consider that a good thing or not - that would make my husband take it off the list! I love so many hipster names, though.) I found it to be very stressful actually naming a baby. When we had our daughter, we were in agreement about the name for a long time, but even after she was born I kept asking my husband "did we give her the right name?" I loved her name. It was the name I wanted. I could list a bunch of reasons why it was the perfect name for OUR little girl (just like you can). But, still, I couldn't stop pondering and questioning and talking myself in to and out of it. She's 1 year old now (her birthday was yesterday!) and I can tell you, we did give her the right name. Once your child is here, she will grow into the name.

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    Hazel June makes me swoooooon! That rarely happens so that is a HUGE compliment, good job!!!

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    I love Hazel June, it's really lovely. I know a Hazel in her 50s and a newborn, so it's out there but not super popular (yet). I like your other names too but the one you have chosen is simply gorgeous. It's also a great name for any type of girl - sporty, academic, girly, tomboy, artist, teacher, doctor, First Lady, President...:-)

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