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    I think we decided: Hazel June

    I believe Dh and I finally decided on a name and I think it's a good compromise. If you happened to see my post last week, I was strongly leaning towards Clementine June, but maybe Emmeline June, and then a whole lot of other names as maybes.

    Dh finally sat down with my list and picked Hazel, way down there on the "maybe" end of the list. As he explained: "There are two types of names: unfortunate ones and the rest of them" Sigh. I asked him if he chose it because he's tired of hearing about names or if he really liked it - he said both. He has been calling her that ever since, so I assume he's serious, even though I initially struggled to commit.

    Some thoughts I had:

    -How is this name so popular? #175? Before I looked it up, I guessed somewhere in the 400's - in line with the old-lady revival, but no Eleanor. I was really surprised that it was more popular than Eliza, which I had grown tired of because I feel like I hear it everywhere. I've never met a Hazel in my life, young or old. I've heard of their existence through the internetz. I'm *hoping* it's established enough to be a classic revival rather than a trendy blip.

    -I like the naturey / color vibe. My dog (surrogate baby for 8 years) is Ruby, so I feel like Hazel is my style, though maybe a bit more serious and quiet than what I imagined. I like the Z in the middle.

    -She'll be born in the fall, and it's a fall name to me

    -I can imagine it on an energetic and an out going kid, or a quiet and serious kid. Artsy or scholarly or tomboyish. It seems to work.

    -Hazel June is slightly hicksterish to me, which is perfect. I love a good vintage southern name, but not preppy southern. More like hipster southern.

    I will admit I wasn't sure at first. Maybe I'm still talking myself into it, or maybe I just like the chase and I'm adjusting to this one being "it." It has been a long, long ttc journey for us and somehow settling on a name that's only been on the periphery of my radar feels a bit unusual.

    I honestly never once imagined having a little Hazel, but yet it seems like a perfect fit for our family. Has anyone had this experience when naming their baby?

    Any thoughts or feedback? Do you know any little Hazels in real life? How do you imagine a little Hazel?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hazel is one of my favorite names. It's really pretty, and makes me think of eyes. (My eyes are blue/brown hazel). It drops a bit at the end there, but it's simple and sweet and ages really well. It's quirky without being weird, simple without being boring, and cute without being nicknamey.

    Everything about it is a perfect balance. It isn't too much of anything.

    Hazel June is a great combo, because June really plays on the nature side of Hazel, and helps to contrast with the sounds. Hazel is a bit of a harsher sound, but June is soft and smooth.

    I think you guys have picked a great name.
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    I love the name Hazel, it would have been my pick from the names mentioned. I may be a little biased as i love two syllable names.

    I've never met a Hazel in Australia its ranked at 268 tho.

    I havnt named a baby yet but I have had in my head for a long time that i would use the name Christabel after my great grandmother, now that we are planning to have kids my partner says it sound like a cat name and wouldn't want to use it :/

    It took me a little while to let go of the idea of having a little Christa, but now we have found another name that over time we both fell in love with i'm glad to let the name go as the new name has a much better fit and its nice that we both like the name.

    I have no preconceived ideas on the personality of a Hazel, I imagine they would however be adventurous, love reading and are artistic. and maybe quirky/spunky?

    I dont think Hazel will be a trendy blip

    Take some time to try the name out, say it out loud and imagine using it in every day life and see if it grows on you more.

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    I love Hazel and Hazel June is completely gorgeous!
    I would love to use it myself, but we have close friends with a teenage Hazel. Their Hazel is Beautiful! The name suited her as a baby and was off the dial cute as a toddler and young child. She is now growing into an intelligent young lady. She is bookish, sensitive and fun. She was named at a time when Hazel was pretty out there, but she wears it well and loves her name.
    I think Hazel June is a lovely choice.

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    I LOVE your name, Hazel June. It will be just precious for your little girl. I think it started to grow in popularity again a few years ago when Julia Roberts used it for one of her twins. Regardless, it's a great name and not too popular, definitely a classic. It was on our list and we would have used it, but we already have a son named Hal and it was too matchy-matchy. My husband had a great aunt named Hazel who he adored, so we have a strong positive association with the name. Congrats on reaching a #1 choice. I think y'all did a good job.

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