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    Do you think it's possible to avoid Thomas being shortened to Tom?

    Or is it inevitable? I love this name, but Tom is a nickname I just can't stand.
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    I think that you can call your son Thomas at home.
    I think that you can introduce him as Thomas & correct anyone who calls him Tom or Tommy...I'm sure several people will. Hopefully you have a good relationship with your family members and everyone will be all about calling him by Thomas, but if your family is like mine and lack boundaries & respect they could absolutely LOVE ignoring your wishes! Hopefully that's not the case for you!
    I do think that once your son is in school you lose a lot of control in this arena. He also might grow to like Tom over Thomas. If you really detest the name Tom and couldn't bear to hear your teen son referring to himself as Tom maybe you need to reconsider Thomas.
    Personally I take a name off my list if I dislike the obvious nickname cause I am prone to shortening names.

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    Depends - if he decides he wants to be called Tom then no - but it is avoidable - my brother was Thomas till he was ten then he decided he liked Tom.

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    I know three Thomas' that just go by Thomas and never get called Tom.

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    I think so. How do you feel about the nn Tombo (prn tom-beau)? Sure, it sounds similar to the word tomboy but I think it's super cute. I second Tommy, as well.
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