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    Thank you. The main reason holding us back is the baseball player named Cody Ross, which makes us look unoriginal.

    Please do include some other suggestions.

    Blake Ross sounds nice.
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    I'm in a very similar position to you - I like a few one-syllable boys names such as Bryce and Blake - but also have a one-syllable surname!

    I agree that Bryce Ross is a bit of a mouthful. But why not make it Bryson Ross? Just to break it up a bit? He can then be shortened to Bryce

    Other suggestions, if you like the short and simple, could be...

    Flynn Ross
    Coen Ross
    Seth Ross
    Kurt Ross
    Leo Ross
    Max Ross
    Hugo Ross
    Kael Ross

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    If it helps, I had never heard of the baseball player named Cody Ross until just now, so he must not be THAT famous, right? If anyone asks, you can claim ignorance!

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    does it help with the mouthful problem by inserting Alexander as his middle name? Bryce Alexander Ross?

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    Hands down Bryce.

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