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    You really need to think about how the child is going to grow up with these names. And their teachers are going to just butcher it every year in school.
    In Northern Ireland? I don't think so. And besides, even names as 'simple' as Michael and John don't read phonetically in English and yet my brother managed to learn how to spell his own name aged four without a problem.

    To the OP, Eilidh and Ruairi (knew a teacher with this name and spelling, he's English born and raised) are my favourites from your list. I've never seen Eilidh spelt with an A before though.
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    Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

    Yael- thanks for the lovely comment on Darragh's name, we love it. Aoibhinn is one of our favourites, while I could never anglicise it the complicated spelling does put me off a bit. Even in Ireland it is pronounced differently in different Irish dialects!

    Mischa- interesting feedback on the similar sounding names as I wouldn't have thought they were too similar, is it the repeated 'a' sound you'd avoid? We have a nephew Ciaran already and another Connor, I like Cian but think we prefer Rian as it's less used here.

    Kayceeb- a lot of Irish names (and Scottish ones) may look complex, but we learn Irish from the start of school so the majority of people here could make a decent attempt at any name they weren't already familiar with. Darragh can spell and write his name no problem.

    Renrose- yes, Eilidh is the usual spelling, Aillidh is a less used version. The only reason we'd think of using the A version is that 'Ei' in Ireland would be pronounced as 'eye' rather than 'ay' as they do in Scotland. We have Eilish pronounced eye-lish and Ailish pronounced ay-lish.

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