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  • Tess Adelaide Cook

    25 50.00%
  • Tess Adeline Cook

    8 16.00%
  • Tess Elizabeth Cook

    9 18.00%
  • Tess Emmeline Cook

    12 24.00%
  • Tess Evangeline Cook

    18 36.00%
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    I feel like we aren't getting anywhere. I now remember this is the problem we have with Tess, finding a middle name. It's one of those names we keep coming back to because we both love it and it goes really well with our other 2 girl's names, but every time I get stuck on the middle.

    So we need
    - something long
    - no strong s sounds
    - can't start with a vowel
    - can't end in line
    Lilla Clare (7) Vivienne Grace (5) Tess Magnolia (1)
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    Not expecting, just collecting.
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    I always thought that if I ever had a daughter, her name would be Tess. Then I married a man whose surname is heavy on sibilants. No Tess for me....
    As much as I love it, I do admit it does pose a difficult middle name puzzle. How about:

    Tess Victoria
    Tess Briony
    Tess Natalia
    Tess Coralie
    Tess Linnea
    Tess Gabriella
    Tess Mariah
    Tess Cordelia
    Tess Rowena
    Tess Marianna
    Tess Valerie
    Tess Carolina (pronounced care-oh-LEE-na)
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    So far we are liking

    Tess Rowena
    Tess Lorelai
    Tess Marina
    Lilla Clare (7) Vivienne Grace (5) Tess Magnolia (1)
    Baby #4 coming in 2018

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