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  • Tess Adelaide Cook

    25 50.00%
  • Tess Adeline Cook

    8 16.00%
  • Tess Elizabeth Cook

    9 18.00%
  • Tess Emmeline Cook

    12 24.00%
  • Tess Evangeline Cook

    18 36.00%
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    Long middle name for Tess

    So we are really loving Tess but we are having problems with the middle name. It needs to be long since our last name is Cook, Tess Cook is very short so we want a long middle name, 3-4 syllables, but not to frilly.

    So far we have thought of:
    Tess Adelaide
    Tess Adeline
    Tess Elizabeth
    Tess Emmeline
    Tess Evangeline

    I would like to avoid names with the S sound so Elizabeth worries me a bit. We feel like Tess Evangeline is what we are looking for but we just aren't loving it. Which is/are your favorite(s), suggestions are also welcomed.

    Starting over with:
    Tess Rowena
    Tess Lorelai
    Tess Marina
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    I think that Tess and Elizabeth sound harsh next to each other. The Z sound in Elizabeth is so prominent, and the S sound at the end of Tess is as well. I would avoid Evangeline for that reason also. I feel like Tess needs a softer mn to balance the S sound.

    I would use Tess Emmeline or Tess Adelaide.
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    I voted Tess Adelaide and Tess Elizabeth. Such gorgeous combos!

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    Tess Adelaide has the best flow.

    I've actually heard of Tess being used as a nickname for Elizabeth, I guess as it rhymes with Bess, and also there is T in the name (so it does work). Therefore for that reason, and the fact it doesn't sound great, I wouldn't use Tess Elizabeth.
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    All of your middle name options start with vowels and run into Tess, so when said aloud it's hard to tell if the name is "Tess Elizabeth/Adelaide/other" or "Tessa Elizabeth/Adelaide/other." If you're choosing a middle based on style only, I'd look into more middle names that start with consonants, or just use Tessa, Teresa, or even Thomasina with Tess as a nickname.

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