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    Boy #2 same name as husband?

    My husband didn't want to name our first son after him, so we went with a different name. Boys names were tough for us to agree on, so it took awhile. Now we are expecting baby #3, boy #2. My husband now thinks he maybe would like to name this baby his first name (Gregory), but a different middle name.

    I kind of think that if we were going to go with his name, we should've named boy #1 after him - now it seems strange. He doesn't agree.

    What do you name experts think?

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    I don't think it matters, frankly. I don't think there is a rule in modern society that it has to be the first son named after his father, or no one else can be. If you like the name, by all means use it!

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    I don't think it's weird. I've seen it done before and didn't think much of it. Are your other children named after anyone?

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    Thanks for the input! I wasn't sure. No, they were just names we liked. My son's middle name is my husband's middle name (Charles), which is his father's first name. He doesn't want to use that again, so no matter what, this child would not be a junior.

    Southern.maple, I love Dean by the way! But because of a negative association my husband's family has, I can't use it . I love a lot of your names actually - a lot of your girls names are on my favorites list

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    It doesn't seem weird to me, but I am also not a big fan of the tradition of parents and children sharing the same first names. I think Gregory would make a lovely middle name for your second boy, and then both your husband's names can be used with no chance of anyone getting upset about who does/doesn't have Daddy's name. My other idea is Grey, which feels like it could be a sweet nod to Gregory.

    (I may be a little biased because Gregory/Greg feels way too dated for current use to me.)

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