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    Are these boy names too similar?

    My two favorite boy names right now are Cassius and Finnian. I absolutely adore them! But the more I see them together, the more similar they look. I think it's the double consonants in the middle. Does anyone have any insight or advice to fix it? Thanks!
    Oh! Also, any middle name suggestions would be great! I'm leaning towards the family name Wolford for one, but haven't decided yet.

    ps. not having kids any time soon, but I'm a planner, I like to organize
    these are just hypothetical S#1/S#2 or twin names.

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    I think they are cute together. Similar, but different enough to not be too matchy matchy. Different sounds
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    Use the Finian spelling,no double letters and it is shorter than Cassius.

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    I think they sound fine together. They have similar letters in the names, but are not pronounced similarly. So for me, its not a problem.

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