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    It makes sense. Those are the sounds & letters that you're drawn too. Maybe switch out Lavender for Lavinia or Evander for Everett if you end up with 2 boys and a girl? Similar sounds & letters. Hopefully you like one of those replacements. You could always post asking for "names like ____"

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    Taz I never even made the connection that I was ever drawn to any specific sounds or letters!!! It was just a stray thought while brushing my teeth this morning! I'm so picky over names I can't believe I didn't notice it. It took me forever to find and love those names, I'm not sure how easily I could just switch them out!

    Catloverd, the plan is to hopefully, if all goes according to plan, have four children, like I said in my second post, the idea was to have Lachlan, Lavender, Evander and *fourth baby*, who wouldn't have an L name, purely because I do agree that if two have an L name, the 3rd should also to avoid hard feelings. My fourth love if it were a girl would be Corisande, I think, but that's a pipe dream right now. A 3rd boy would hopefully be Dresden, or Thatcher.

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