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    Thomasina nn Minnie?

    Is it too much of a stretch? Hubby and I love Thomasina, a name which also has family ties for us. I love the idea of using it without a nn, but feel that a nn is likely inevitable, given its length.

    I've considered other possibilities:

    The only one I even remotely like is Nina, which seems like another stretch. So what are your thoughts on Thomasina nn Minnie? I LOVE Minnie! And I would appreciate any other suggestions you might have!
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    No, I don't think it's that much of a stretch. Is it a definite first name? I'm sure I once saw that you had Eve Thomasina as a combo and I remember thinking that was rather fantastic Have to say I like Tom the best though, but that's because one of my closest friends is called Thomasina and that's her nn But Minnie is cute. Have you considered Tamsin at all?

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    I think Minnie or Nina work! I think that with long feminizations you have some lee-way. I love Thomasina and love your nickname ideas that don't use the first syllable!

    Any Geraldine ideas?

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    I love "Sina" as a nickname!

    I think nicknames that are so different from the original name can stick, but they aren't really nicknames anymore. Some people will call her exclusively by the replacement name and others will not get it. Your daughter may not like transitioning between the two names. Mina might work, but Sina is a better bet.

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    I knew a Cristina who went by Nina, so I don't think it's too much of a stretch. I like Nina

    Minnie would work well also.
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