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    A baby boy named Jethro?

    What do you think of the name Jethro? And what middle name would work with it?
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    Wow, I actually really like it!

    Ethan or Issac seem to flow well with it, but it would depend on the surname as well.
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    I LOVE Jethro because I know a child named Jethro that wears his name very well. On him, it is very handsome and cool. He loves his name.
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    I'm honestly not a fan. Jethro Zachary would be nice.

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    Absolutely adore it! Friend of mine, great old rock bands fan, planned to name his kids Jethro & Uriah (guess why), at least he has little Jethro only (his second child is a girl). His son's mn is Miller, which works, I think. Other possible sets are:
    Jethro Bay
    Jethro Louis
    Jethro Max
    Jethro Ray
    Jethro + place name

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