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    Syllables... the right mix

    So... I'm considering a name that is 3 syllables (first) 1 syllable (middle) 3 syllables (last). Or 3-1-3 if you will. I'm actually changing my surname and adding a middle name... so the current combo is 3-2 (no mn) and it seems to work better.

    Does anyone have an opinion or know if there are any rules regarding the use of syllables?

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    The only thing I've noticed is that 3-3 or 2-3 can sound a little cartoonish if you pick the wrong combo. I think flow and pairing is much more important than syllables though.

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    3-1-2 is my favorite.

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    I'm lost on this concept as well. I always seem to gravitate towards one- or two-syllable names, but my boyfriend's last name is one measly syllable and we can't have that! I'm trying to change my ways, though. I'm looking at more three-syllable names and only letting one-syllable names on my list if I absolutely LOVE them. (Seth <3)
    But still. A part of me wants to scream from the rooftops, "IS 1-1 REALLY THAT BAD?" If I were to use Seth, it would be 1-2-1. And I don't think it sounds that bad...But perhaps I'm biased. Or stupid.
    I mean, my name is 3-1-2. Amanda Beth G-------. That's all fine and dandy and junk, but I just don't understand the relevance.


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