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    Molly or Penelope


    We are expecting our second little girl. Big sister is Nora Louise. I LOVE the name Molly but am committed to using Ann(e) as a MN (family name). I fear that Molly Ann does not sound 'complete.'

    I also enjoy Penelope. We would likely use the NN Penny.

    I was sold on Molly up until yesterday and now I am having serious reservations. What are your opinions/suggestions?

    Molly Ann(e)
    Penelope Ann(e)

    Thanks much!

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    I would definitely go with Molly Ann. Such a sweet and timeless name. I do like Penelope, but they are popping up everywhere now. Every time I turn the tv on it seems like there is a Penelope, plus I have heard several around my town.

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    Molly by far! It's simple but noticeable, sweet but sassy at the same time and has a lot of history and great namesakes. Penelope I wouldn't consider "trendy" persay but it's definitely newly popular and the Kardashian's using it doesn't help. I love the name Nora and I think Molly has the same feel as it, whereas Penelope is more exotic and Greek. Penelope is also pretty long next to Nora. Molly Ann sounds fine, to me Penelope Ann doesn't flow any better. Molly all the way!
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    I am concerned with Penelope's rising popularity. I fell in love with the name years ago and by the time I got a chance to use it, a Kardashian had named her baby Penelope.

    We have a pretty hefty 3 syllable last name, so I am sure she would be appreciative of a short and sweet first and middle.

    Thank you!

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    I agree Molly sounds more fresh and energetic. I think it sounds very pretty with Ann
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