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    2 Middle Names in the US?

    I was just wondering, for those of you who live in the US and gave your baby 2 middle names, how has that worked out for you? Has it caused any problems or hassles? Confusion? Etc?

    Also, what made you decide to use 2 middle names?

    Just curious!


    (I posted this in the baby names forum as well.)
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    I haven't personally done this, but I have a cousin who was given two middle names at birth. She usually has to have them ignore the second middle on official forms, or hyphenate the two (so, Lorraine-May).
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    We are in US and my daughter has two middle names. We registered her with two and there were no problems but I guess she will have to ignore one of them sometimes.

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    I'm from Canada so it might b a smidge different up here but my brother has two middle names and has never once had an issue. I have a friend with 3 middle names (as does her brother) and they've both been fine with it, too.
    My grandmother also has two middle names, but she was born in Austria and only uses one of them.
    My brother's mns are after both our grandfathers.
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    I have two middles. I sometimes leave off the second on forms because I don't feel like writing more or I run out of space, but it's on my passport, birth cert, social security card, etc. When I have to use a middle initial I use the first.

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