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    I have two middle names, and I gave my son two as well. I have family surnames for mns, and he has the names of his grandfathers. I've never had any problems on forms or anything, you can use either the initial of the first mn or both of them.

    I was just saying to a friend of mine how Kaleb knows just how much trouble he's in by if I use one or both of his middles.

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    haha kalebsmom

    thanks for all the responses!
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    I have a question that is some-what related to this type of question applied to this thread. I apologize in advance to coco1010, if you think I am hijacking your thread, even for a moment. But this is something I have always wondered about and your thread just happened to come at a good time.

    I have seen many people asking if having/giving a double-middle name is too much or a hassle for the child/adult. ie. Sophia Juniper Pearl or Sophia Juni-Pearl

    But there are people that are perfectly fine with a child having a double-barrel first name, plus a middle name. ie. Juniper-Mae Alice or Lily Anna Elowen

    So my question: Is there really a difference in giving a child a double-barreled first name and a middle name; compared to a single first name and a double-middle name? Step further: What about those that gives their children a first, middle, and double-barreled last name?

    To answer your question: I have always been interested in giving my children double-middle names. There have been times I have deterred away from it, but I always come back to it. I think when it comes to the naming process it could help balance out the decision between parents/a way to fit in those you want to honor from both sides/or other circumstances. We decide on the first name together, he picks a middle he loves and the same goes for me. I personally, do not believe it is much of a problem, since most documents ask for the initial of the middle and not the full. i.e. Sophia J.P. Henderson or even Sophia Juniper P. Henderson/Sophia J. Pearl Henderson.

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    I love the idea of giving my children two middle names someday when I become a mother. I think it's actually becoming very common in the US. I also think before giving a child two middle names you should consider the length of the last name and first name. Another thing to take into consideration is when they are trying to learn how to spell their name it may become difficult. That is just my personal opinion through babysitting two girls with two middle names and a very long last name. The parents were always helping them spell out their full name and the kids found it frustrating at times.
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    I don't think having 2 middle names is problematic. I have a friend who has 2 middle names: Michael and Joseph. He just uses M as is middle initial on forms.

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