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    I've actually been loving Everly lately, just as of the past few months. I think it's mysterious, feminine and also... well, pretty cool! Cute nickname opportunities too- Eve, Ever, Eva, Evvi, Evie... <3

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    I like it although I wouldn't use it, it reminds me too much of a surname and is a bit too unisex for example The Everly Brothers.

    That said its a beautifully read and beautiful said aloud name. I don't like most celebrity names, some are cute but will the names work as grown up names?

    Celebs are either usually trying too hard or playing it too safe but this is actually not bad. I wonder if the middle namd is another Rae, Jay, Grace, Rose middle name? I like Cam Cigadet's daughter's spelling of Everleigh too. Two hot daddies with daughters called Everly/Everleigh.
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    I love Everly!!!!
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    I can't believe nobody seems to like it I mean yeah, I've read a couple comments saying it's pretty, but a lot of people on the first page seem unimpressed and bored with the name

    I love Everly Elizabeth Maiselle Tatum <3 Everly Tatum actually flows, and the two middle names are to honor Channing and Jenna's grandparents I'm not a fan of the over the top baby names, but then some celebrities go for the simple Sarah or James ... so Everly seems like the perfect choice for Channing and Jenna <3

    This is all just my opinion, but I am still surprised by the "boring" comments

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    I LOVE the middle name Maiselle better than the actual name.
    But I agree Everly Tatum flows best.

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