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    Quote Originally Posted by sydnergy View Post
    Bryony has always been "Brian-ee" to me, it just looks so butch.
    Ha. Bryony looks butch, but a trendy, misspelled name honoring a Ryan is better?

    I would use Ryan as a middle name (or Ryanne if you must), but Rylinn/Rilynn is just ish. I would much rather see Rylie/Riley for a girl, and that says a lot!

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    Are you really attacking me right now, LadyLiterature?

    I don't like Bryony, it looks and sound ugly. I don't like Riley, as I know many mean little girls named Riley. I don't like Rhiannon as it's too long.

    My brother just hung himself and I'm absolutely lost, no idea when. And when asking for help people attack me. I have people arguing about the things I stated in my original post. ITS NOT A NAMEBERRY NAME, ITS GONNA BE CONSIDERED TRENDY. My mom is in shambles right now, and when I said something about my husbands suggestion and she was so so happy.

    You people have no idea what I'm going through, yet instead of giving me classic middle options you're choosing to attack the name choice. ITS NOT YOURS. NO ONE IS TELLING YOU TO NAME YOUR CHILD THIS.

    Thank you people, but no thank you anymore. This is the last you will see me on nameberry. You SHOULD NOT attack someone's ideas because they're not the same as yours. You shouldn't TALK DOWN to someone, because you have no idea how they are feeling and what is pushing their decision. I think my brother killed himself because he felt unloved, I'm trying to honor him my way. I don't care if you liked Ryanne better before or Riley I don't like those. You people are mean to anyone that has a different opinion. I truly hope you grow and learn to accept names, whether you like them or not, and not attack people for it.

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    I would spell it Rylinn, it makes the pronoucination more obvious (to me anyway).

    I also loved the suggestion a few pages back of giving her a "bird" middle name. That would be so neat, to incorporate that detail into the name. Starling, Lark, Sparrow or Wren are all lovely names.

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    Oh geez, I wasn't attacking you. I apologize, though I found it ironic that Bryony was butch given the names you were asking. You ARE asking for opinions on the name, are you not? In the end, what we say doesn't matter anyway as you are the one naming the child.

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    I think most of us are just trying to help you pick a name for your daughter that finds a perfect balance between honoring your brother and being wearable for your daughter. With that in mind, it's hard to love a lot of these names, I find, because a lot of them seem hard to wear and a much more diluted reference to your brother.

    I hope you aren't taking this offensively, as I do believe most of us are trying to be helpful to you in this hard time.

    Having said that, I've always liked the name Bryony...pronounced as Bry-ah-nee. If that sounds too Brian-y to you, you may like Briarly, which retains the RYE sound but seems a bit more feminine.

    I haven't seen you address this, so I apologize if you've been asked, but are you particularly against using a name you already love and using Ryan as a middle name? Beatrice Ryan, Elizabeth Ryan, etc. all sound lovely and it seems more closely-tied to your brother's name when it isn't diluted down into a Rye-sound attached to another sound.

    Obviously, whatever you decide to name your daughter is ultimately up to you, and as long as it means something to you I'm sure it will work out fine
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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