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    Any chance you'd stick Ryan in the middle? I think Magnolia Ryan would be very nice.

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    I personally like Ryanne better than either Rilynn or Rylinn. Yes, there may be some confusion about whether it's pronounced Rye-anne or Ryan, but I think the pronunciation/spelling will be questionable with all of these choices. Ryanne seems a lot more straight-forward to me. Just say "we pronounce it ___."

    If you're open to other suggestions, I have known little girls named Rylee and Ryne. Both of those sound more like they're honoring the name Ryan to me than Rilynn/Rylinn. I have also known a number of little boys named Rylan and Ryland, so I wouldn't go that route.

    Alternatively, I really like the suggestion made by a previous poster to use Ryan as a middle name. With a more feminine first name, I think a masculine middle name can sound really spunky and charming, and gives the girl another option if she turns out to be a tom-boy.

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    also, When I hear the name Rylinn/ Rilynn it sounds more feminine to me. When I think of that name I think of the name Kaylinn too, which I really like. And it reminds me of other names ending in -linn/ lynn. I think Rylinn is a great name, and I like that its unique. And if you are honoring a Ryan, any names starting with Ry (whether it is a first or middle name) sound perfect for that!
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    Oooo! This name has really got me thinking now. Rylinn, Rilynn, hmmm something about it. Anyways, have you considered the spelling "Rylan" or "Raelyn?" I'm not sure if you would think of Rylan as a boy spelling or not, but I think it's cute. Raelyn: I guess it would depend where you're from because some people might say "Rae-lyn" rather than "Ry-lyn."
    As for middle names, I like Rylinn Cecilia, Rylinn Lorrain, Rylinn Michelle, and Rylinn Margot.
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    I think both Rylinn and Rilynn look like they should be pronounced like RYE-linn, almost like a double barreled first name. The suggestion of Rylan makes more sense to me. Or maybe Rylane?
    What about some names that incorporate some of the sounds in your brother's name? Like Roxane, Rosanne, Maya or Riley? I know you've said that your brother liked birds, so what about something like Roxane Lark or Rowan Sparrow? Or what about Robin? Robin Cecelia is a beautiful name.

    Robin Cecelia
    Rowan Sparrow
    Roxane Lark
    Rylane Beatrice
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