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    Rylinn? Rilynn? and middles?

    So I already know this name is not most of your style (as it wasn't even mine until like 3 weeks ago). I have ditched Ryanne since most people I said anything to said they met girls named Ryanne pronounced like Ryan instead of Ry-anne. My husband was trying to push Ryland for a girl, because he knew one and they were good friends. I veto'd that, but him suggesting to honor my brother was so sweet I had to try to salvage it.. He NEVER recommends names. SO if you HAD to spell it to honor Ryan would you go with
    Rylinn or Rilynn

    We all have 6 letter first names, so I'm trying to continue that. I'd love to use a classic middle to balance it out since it sounds a bit trendy, honestly that doesn't bother me too bad but whatever it kinda does... Oh well! It has meaning and everyone in my family would love if we used it. I wanted a nature name middle, but I've scrapped that and am back to the drawing board. The following I like but husband has veto'd. Help me with some fresh ideas berries!

    Rylinn Beatrice
    Rilynn Cecilia
    Rylinn Marigold

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    renrose Guest
    If someone forced me to spell Rylinn at knifepoint, then I'd definitely go with 'rylinn'.

    Far too trendy for me though. Have you looked at Bryony (breye-uh-nee)? I think it's perfect for what you want. You've got the 'rye' sound like Ryan, it's not overly trendy, it's six letters and it's a girl's name!

    Either that or just do Ryan as a middle name.
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    Rilynn looks nicest to me.

    Rilynn Jane
    Rilynn Cecily
    Rilynn Veronica
    Rilynn Elizabeth
    Rilynn Felicity
    Rilynn Bianca
    Rilynn Magnolia
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    Thank you, Lineska. I love the suggestion of Elizabeth and Magnolia.

    Do you think Rilynn would be mispronounce "Rill-yin"? I was thinking the Rylinn would be more upfront with pronunciation.

    Bryony has always been "Brian-ee" to me, it just looks so butch.

    My sons name is Archer, and it was not on the top 1000 when we named him. It was also a tie in to family in many many ways. Now people say his name is "trendy". What can you do? I'm more into the thought of honoring my family member than whether the name will strike some as "trendy" or "made up". SSA says people have been using this name for years, so it's not really that "out there".

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    As a namesake of Ryan, Rylinn make more sense to me.
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