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    Rylinn? Rilynn? and middles?

    So I already know this name is not most of your style (as it wasn't even mine until like 3 weeks ago). I have ditched Ryanne since most people I said anything to said they met girls named Ryanne pronounced like Ryan instead of Ry-anne. My husband was trying to push Ryland for a girl, because he knew one and they were good friends. I veto'd that, but him suggesting to honor my brother was so sweet I had to try to salvage it.. He NEVER recommends names. SO if you HAD to spell it to honor Ryan would you go with
    Rylinn or Rilynn

    We all have 6 letter first names, so I'm trying to continue that. I'd love to use a classic middle to balance it out since it sounds a bit trendy, honestly that doesn't bother me too bad but whatever it kinda does... Oh well! It has meaning and everyone in my family would love if we used it. I wanted a nature name middle, but I've scrapped that and am back to the drawing board. The following I like but husband has veto'd. Help me with some fresh ideas berries!

    Rylinn Beatrice
    Rilynn Cecilia
    Rylinn Marigold

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