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    Quote Originally Posted by sydnergy View Post
    I hadn't thought about Rylann, which I actually really like. I just thought Rylynn was too y heavy and the "i" worked better. Thanks!!

    Ryland is in the top 400 or 500ish as a boys name. I've met little boy Rylands and it just seems so maculine to me. With Archer around the same place on the charts as Ryland it just feels odd to me. But the husband likes it, so it's not completely off the list. I'm not sure why the "d" on the end makes it feel so boy to me.

    And thank you ladies for support <3 My tops used to be more like my choices middles, but I just HAVE to do this for him.

    I REALLY, REALLY hope I am not offending you. Please know that I am writing this from a good place.

    After reading your post, I just want to say to you that if you can't find a Ryan inspired name that you love, there may be other ways to honor your brother. I only say this because you say that the middle names you've selected are actually your favorite name. I remember you said that your brother really loved birds. Names like Beatrice Starling or Cecilia Wren are gorgeous and still include your brother. I love how you named your son Archer as a play on your brother's middle name Hunter. If you aren't 100% satisfied with the names you've come up with so far, maybe you could consider doing something like that again. This is going to be your baby girl, and she needs a name that you are absolutely in love with. Like I said earlier, I find Rylinn quite cute, but if it s not your favorite name on earth, you might have other options you could consider. Again, I sincerely hope I am not offending you.

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    Thank you for your post Whimsey! It is in no way offensive. I actually really appreciate where you're coming from and the fact you've read my other posts and remembered some key details! So thank you!

    Since my husband has literally NEVER given a name option, I find myself falling more and more for the sound of "Rylan/d". You're absolutely right, this is a tough decision and I should REALLY love her name. You all have given me a lot to think about, and I truly appreciate the genuine comments I've been a sucker for "girly" sounding names forever, so it's been (and probably will continue to be) a very long thought process of whether to change that. I've seriously considered the classic fn with a bird middle, but it just doesn't do him enough justice. I've got time and in the midst of hormones my thought pattern could change 180 degrees (haha). I'll be glad I have pages and suggestions like these to fall back on!!

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    If I were to write it down, I'd be more inclined to spell it Rilynn. However, Rylinn is more reminiscent of Ryan to me. I think it depends what you think is more important - honouring someone important to you, or how often your daughter may have to correct people on her name.

    As for middles, since Rilynn/Rylinn is rather boyish-sounding, I think something strong with roots and obviously feminine. Rilynn Elizabeth, Rilynn Adelaide, Rilynn Amelia...

    *EDIT* I also meant to ask if you'd considered Rhiann (or whatever spelling you choose)? One of my cousins was going to name her baby Rhianne if it was a girl (which he wasn't) to honour a Ryan. It also means "Great Queen", and since Ryan means "Little King" it also ties to the name that way. Just a thought.
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    To answer one of your earlier questions, I would hesitate on how to pronounce Rilynn - I think I might think rill-inn instead of rye-lin. I'm not sure if you've moved away from Ryanne (rye-anne) only because of pronunciation or for other reasons as well but if it was only pronunciation concerns, I much prefer Ryanne to Rylinn or Rilynne. It is more similar to Ryan, I would say rye-anne, and to others who might say ryan it is only a quick correction. Adding the L seems to take away from the connection to Ryan, in my opinion.

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    I'm a female Sydney and have been spelling my name to people forever. Sydney is a family name, and has been tossed to girls and boys (spelled Sidney) in my family for generations. It never really has bothered me, and I get "Cindy" when introducing myself atleast 50% of the time. It's really NOT as big of a deal as people make it out to be. So yeah, her having to spell her name for people isn't a big deal at all.

    Archer has gotten mixed up as Asher, Arthur, Orchard, and suprisingly "Thatcher"

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