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    I think this name is pretty cute!

    I prefer the spelling Rylinn. It is a huge improvement over Ryanne. Rylinn Beatrice is my favorite of your picks.

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    I hadn't thought about Rylann, which I actually really like. I just thought Rylynn was too y heavy and the "i" worked better. Thanks!!

    Ryland is in the top 400 or 500ish as a boys name. I've met little boy Rylands and it just seems so maculine to me. With Archer around the same place on the charts as Ryland it just feels odd to me. But the husband likes it, so it's not completely off the list. I'm not sure why the "d" on the end makes it feel so boy to me.

    And thank you ladies for support <3 My tops used to be more like my choices middles, but I just HAVE to do this for him.

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    I think Ryland or Rylan would both be the best ways to honor Ryan. Or, like others have said, use Ryan as a middle. When faced with Rylan or Rylin, Rylan is more reminiscent of Ryan. Ryland is cute, too! Best of luck.

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    I also agree with the others, if you are using the name to honor someone special to you then who cares what other people think. I let people get to me when I was naming my daughter and I ended up using a completely different name from the one I wanted to use originally. Of your choices, I prefer the Rylinn spelling but I also liked someone else's suggestion of Rylann. I know you were looking for a 6 letter name but I also found the names Rayna, Riane and Rylie to also be cute names. And regarding your original name, Ryanne, I think that is a wonderful name and I definitely though "rye-anne" when I first say it! People will pronounce it however you tell them to pronounce it, though you may have to correct people now and then. I've spent my entire life correcting people on how to spell my name (Laurie), and its not that bad. As for middle names, I like your idea of Beatrice the most, and Elisabeth is good too. Good luck with your daughter's name though! Naming is always stressful, no matter how common or uncommon the name you choose is!

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    Good luck with this one! Rilynn was one of my choices as well until recently. My husband wasnt too fond of it. I was stuck on whether to spell it Rylinn or Rilynn. I think I was leaning more towards Rilynn. I think something girly for a middle name: Claire, Grace, etc...

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