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    I would also say bryan-ee .. Rylinn is a mess misspelled...

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    Thank you for your input. I didn't ask if you thought it was "a mess", but thanks for sticking your opinion in there! I don't need to point out all the names you like that I feel are "a mess", so we'll just agree to disagree. My wounds are still healing from a tragic sudden loss, please if you can refrain from bashing me for my decision I'd really appreciate it.

    It's obviously not a "normal" nameberry name. It's not fluffy or vintage or whatever you people like. But it's something that MEANS something, genuinely. I don't see any reason why a Rylinn can't fit in with the Kaylyn, Annalyn, girl Aidens, and Coopers I've seen running around my town.

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    Ryland makes far more sense as an honor name for Ryan. What's wrong with it? Rylann is OK, too.

    Rylinn and Rilynn look like you just threw some letters together. The Ryan connection is not apparent

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    I think if it has meaning to you, then who gives a F what anyone else thinks? I mean, clearly you've thought the whole thing through, and you're making an informed, thoughtful name choice here. That being said, I think Rylinn would be the way to go, although I have to say I personally prefer Ryland. Or even Ryanne--people will pronounce it the way you and she pronounce it, you know? I actually loved the name Ryanne with that Ry-anne pronunciation when I was a child/tween (Yes, I've always been a name nerd.)

    As for middle names, I also vote Elizabeth.
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    I agree with littlebrownpony. Who gives an F what others think as long as this name means something to you. Pick which spelling looks the most appealing to you I like your choice of Cecilia as a middle name.
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