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    I'm up in the air. The issue I see is that Audrey Elise almost slurs to become Audreylise... But Elise Smith will 100% become Elismith (almost like Ellie Smith). I'm not completely sold on either name with your surname, but go with what you love. Allowing an older child to have a say isn't ridiculous. It allows them to become involved in the birth.
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    I agree with others who said go with Audrey Elise, then you still have the option to call her Elise if you really want but since you have loved Audrey such a long time I bet you would regret not using it.

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    I love both names and Audrey Elise is a great combo. However, I am all for naming the child what it will be called. So, I would stick with my guns and call her Audrey or just name her Elise. If you go with Audrey, just start saying "baby Audrey is....." or "Audrey Elise is.......". Your little girls will get the hang of it.

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    It's a tricky situation.

    Part of me says you should use Audrey Elise because it's what your heart wants and this is your baby. Your daughter could continue calling her Elise as a special nickname that only she calls her.

    Part of me says you should name her Elise because it feels "right" and sweet to your family. If you think it's a possibility you would try for more children, I might save Audrey for a future daughter.

    Maybe you could wait until the baby is born and see what feels right - Elise or Audrey.

    For Elise combinations, I like Elise Catherine, Elise Josephine, and Elise Juliette, but I don't love them. I don't think I have a better combination to suggest, however. : /
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    Wow, so much thoughtful advice-- I'm so glad I asked this wise group! Of course it will be my husband and my decision in the end-- as some pointed out 3 year olds aren't the greatest namers and tend to have short-term memories for things like this!-- but like raqkel said, if we all agree it is sweet and might just be the right thing for our family! I'll have to share these responses with my husband and hopefully it will become clear

    I am all for naming what she will be called-- I don't want the confusion of her going by a middle name rather than first name, although I think I could make a "sisterly" exception for Natalie to call her by a special name But in my mind the First-Last name combo is by far the most important because that is what she will go by 99% of the time.

    Also, very unlikely that we will have future kids, so not worried about saving names for the future!

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