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    Mabel for sister Olivia??

    Hi everyone,

    We are very keen on Mabel for our next child, but we are a little worried how it fits with our other children's names. I know some people are not fussed about sibsets, but personally I would like my children's names to flow nicely with each other and fit together as a family.

    So my question is does Mabel work with Olivia?? Is Olivia too pretty and Mabel to plain?
    I'm so confused and would love to hear some thoughts!

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    What about using Amabel nn Mabel? I think Amabel and Olivia definately sound like sisters and Amabel is gorgeous! What are your other children's names do you mind me asking? I think Mabel and Olivia could work particularly if you work to coordinate middles... Something like Mabel Charlotte may tie her to her sister a little more... But It depends on Olivia's middle too...

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    Mabel really appeals to me. I'd say it's cozier sounding than Olivia rather than plainer; if anything, Olivia's ubiquity makes it the less interesting of the two. Both have vintage charm.

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    We are thinking Josephine as a middle name as it is my grandmother's MN.

    Olivia is Olivia Grace... (hand hits forehead!). I don't know what we were thinking! Both Olivia's names have special significance to my Husband and I and honour family, but seriously we had our heads in the sand on that one!! Luckily Olivia is not too common in our area of Australia and we are yet to meet another our daughters age.

    Our son is Henry James, again both honour family and Henry is only now becoming more popular in Aus.

    Anyway we would have
    Olivia Grace
    Henry James
    Mabel Josephine

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    I think Mabel Josephine works with Olivia Grace.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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