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    A few questions about Calyps0...

    I've recently rekindled my love for Calypso and I have a few questions for you berries:

    Firstly... I know Callie and Lypsie are the most intuitive nn's but ive been a little creative and dreamt up: Coco, Clio, Pip and Pippy (do all/any of these work or are they just too much of a stretch? Which (if any) do you find to be the most intuitive?

    Secondly: I have a Matilda (Tilly)... And at first I just dismissed Calypso as too at odds BUT I've been thinking I could quite easily bridge the two names with middles and other sibling names... eg. I love combo Louis Zephyr which perfectly bridges the two... I also love Hector (found in Arthurian legend like Matilda yet Greek roots) and Isadora (Greek/Latin and I feel it's a good fit with both)... What do you think? Possible or are they just too at odds?

    Thirdly: I really love combo Calypso Mirabel (mn honours family) what do you think of this combo? Any other combo suggestions that might fit with above names?

    Any thoughts welcome

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    My 2 year old cousin's name is Calypso- at first, in a family of cousins with names like Erin, Samuel, Tara, Rachel, Dominic and Emily it was hard to get used to as it seemed so unusual. But now it really suits her. My aunt and uncle call her 'clippy' as a sort of pet name- I don't think she'll ever be Callie. Maybe try to pick a more 'common' middle name to even it out. Mirabel is fine, it actually sounds pretty nice.

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    I love Calypso! I'm a fan of Pippy as a nn... reminds me of Pippy Longstockings... I don't think you need to worry much about "bridging" names. As much as people on this board talk about sib sets, few people are ever going to notice or care about that. My name and my siblings' names are all in completely different styles. Not one person has ever mentioned it. Moreover, she's an individual. If you like Calypso and you think it fits her, then go for it! I think it's wonderful.
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    Thanks guys! Clippy is so cute I know that technically siblings can have names in totally different styles but I guess I like the idea if having a sibset that's sewn together stylistically somehow! Not in a really themed way but at least some kind of subtle connection! Any other berries out there have any thoughts?

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