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    have to tell someone

    Well, this was totally unexpected because I'm on the birth control pill, but today I found out I am pregnant with my second child! I am not as happy about it as I could be because I had finally accepted the idea that it would be better to wait, but I think the excitement will pick up as the pregnancy becomes more real to me. At first I thought I was about five weeks pregnant but now I think I am actually 9 weeks along because I did not miss any pills in May, but I did accidentally miss two in April. I did not suspect anything until last week when I missed my period; I normally have a light period and there was a small amount of bleeding in April. I am slightly worried though, early bleeding and no symptoms except for slight weight gain, breast enlargement, and frequent urination, does that sound bad? I am also irritated that I could not get an appointment until three weeks from now so I think I will be 12 weeks pregnant, as in done with my first trimester, by the time I get anything checked out. A few positive notes: hubby is more excited than I would have ever guessed, I think my due date should be around the first week of January- a New Years baby would be fun, and my son will only be a little under three years older than my second (and last - I'm checking out Essure permanent birth control after this is done with) which is the age gap I had wished for.

    If this baby is a girl she has a name, Leona Gillian, but if it is another son I have no idea what I will do and will be asking for a lot of help here!
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    Congratulations! I'm sorry your timing wasn't spot on, but, you're right, you'll get much more excited as your pregnancy progresses! It's great your husband is so happy. Congrats again!
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    Congratulations! I'm loving Leona. Its such a spunky, yet classy name.

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    Congratulations. I had a surprise pregnancy too, and I definitely got more and more excited once I got over the shock! I was on the bc pill too when I conceived, and didn't miss any pills. One of the reasons I will never go on it again.
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    Congratulations! Good luck with everything, Leona Gillian is a lovely name.

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