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Thread: Eliza or Celia

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    Eliza having a sister with the middle name Elizabeth gives me slight pause, but since most people aren't introduced with their middle names, that shouldn't matter if it's a name you really love.
    I much prefer Adeline with Eliza. Celia sounds incomplete next to Adeline. Do you like Adeline and Cecilia at all?
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    Can't vote! Both names were top choices for me when naming my daughter. My husband said no to both. I think Celia Margaret flows better and goes a bit better with Adeline. So, I guess I voted after all!

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    I vote for the elegant Celia! A beautiful name.
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    I like Cecilia but for some reason I find Celia slightly more pleasing--something about it sounds sweeter and at the same time stronger and more stylish to me. But I definitely appreciate the advice! It seems like there's a pretty even divide on the two names but I have to say, after reading everyone's comments and advice, Celia is pulling out ahead for me. While I still love both names, Celia may just be a better fit.

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    Both names are beautiful. However, I think it would be a bit odd if you name your next daughter Eliza if Adeline's middle name is Elizabeth, unless you have a specific reason for doing this. I guess middle names aren't used very often though, so if you really love Eliza more than Celia, hopefully this wouldn't be a huge problem.

    Actually, my mother's name is Celia, and she has rarely had anyone call her Cece, so if you are worried about that, it shouldn't be a problem. Celia is so much prettier than Cece anyway, so I would imagine most people would want to say the full name instead of the nickname.

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