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Thread: Eliza or Celia

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    I like Celia Margaret better, also I think it flows better with Adeline.
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    I prefer Eliza slightly over Celia...........and I like the nickname Cici.....oops!
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    Eliza, it's lovely.
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    I slightly pefer Celia. Celia Margaret is a stunning combo, Celia itself is lovely spunky and despite I love Eliza too, I'm a little bored with it because of it's crazy popularity.
    But both combos are really classy - you can't go wrong.
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    What wonderful replies! You guys have really given me food for thought. I didn't know that Eliza was considered to be so popular/over saturated. I know it's 225 and it's on an upward swing but I've never met one (though my daughter is only 2 so maybe I'm just not around enough kids yet to notice the major trend). And thank you specifically for your response, Shi! It is very encouraging that you've never been called Cece.

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