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    Eliza or Celia

    My husband and I are expecting our second peanut in a month and are still going back and forth on names. So much so that I have finally actually signed up and posted something on nameberry rather than just reading the threads! I posted on the boys' side too, but we need help with both a boy and a girl name since we are keeping the gender a surprise. We have a 2 year old daughter named Adeline Elizabeth and our 2 top girl name contenders for #2 are Eliza and Celia. With both names, the middle name will be Margaret (my grandma's name). I slightly prefer Eliza and my husband slightly prefers Celia. But I do have concerns with both. Do you think that Eliza screams Elizabeth nickname or has it become a legitimate sounding full name on its own? Also, is it inevitable that Celia will be nicknamed as Cece down the road? I really don't like this nickname option and is honestly my biggest hesitation with using this name. Thanks so much for any opinions/advice!

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