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Thread: Eliza or Celia

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    Eliza or Celia

    My husband and I are expecting our second peanut in a month and are still going back and forth on names. So much so that I have finally actually signed up and posted something on nameberry rather than just reading the threads! I posted on the boys' side too, but we need help with both a boy and a girl name since we are keeping the gender a surprise. We have a 2 year old daughter named Adeline Elizabeth and our 2 top girl name contenders for #2 are Eliza and Celia. With both names, the middle name will be Margaret (my grandma's name). I slightly prefer Eliza and my husband slightly prefers Celia. But I do have concerns with both. Do you think that Eliza screams Elizabeth nickname or has it become a legitimate sounding full name on its own? Also, is it inevitable that Celia will be nicknamed as Cece down the road? I really don't like this nickname option and is honestly my biggest hesitation with using this name. Thanks so much for any opinions/advice!

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    I honestly prefer Eliza. But I know that it is pretty popular, so your little one might not be the only Eliza in the class. I don't think people will assume Eliza is short for Elizabeth. Liza is a cute nn.
    Celia is very pretty, but I don't think it fits with Adeline as much as Eliza does. It is less common though. I do think that quite a few people will call her Cece though. Unless you use a form of Margaret as a nn.
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    On its own Eliza can definitely be considered an independent name, much more (imo) than other Elizabeth derivations like Elsa/Elsie, Lizzy, Betty/Betsy, and even Beth. Eliza having a sister with the middle name Elizabeth gives me slight pause, but since most people aren't introduced with their middle names, that shouldn't matter if it's a name you really love.

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    Hi there, I have joined up to this site just to reply to your question. My name is Celia and I absolutely love my name. My husband said that my name was one of the things that attracted him to me, he said that he is proud to tell people his wife's name is Celia. I am always receiving compliments on my name and a young girl in a store the other day said that she has now found the name for her daughter after seeing mine on my credit card. I love the fact that I have never met another Celia, so it feels like 'my' name.

    I have never ever been called Cece. I get Cecilia, Cecily and some people have a hard time spelling it, but it is not hard to correct. Interestingly I was going to call my first born Eliza if he had been a girl. I have since had a girl but had gone off Eliza by then. I think that either name will be lovely, but I can't help but encourage you to chose Celia, I am so glad that my parents picked it for me. All the best, and whatever name you pick will be beautiful and 'right'.

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    You really can't go wrong with her name. I have long loved Eliza and think Eliza Margaret sounds stunning so that would be my choice. I don't think it is a problem that your older daughters middle name is Elizabeth. I also don't think that if you choose Celia that the nickname CeCe is inevitable. Just correct people if they try to use that nn.
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