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    Virginia or Lucinda or georgia Thoughts?

    I love the name Virginia. If we decide on it we plan on nick naming her Ginger or Gigi depending on what we feel fits her but mostly will use her full name. Do you think the virgin and the vagina aspect make it bad to use. My husband likes it but has some reservations about it. We also like Lucinda but hate the name Cindy as a nick name. We like Lucy a nick name. For Georgia we also like Gigi for a nick name. We also like marlena (mar-lay-na) with nick name marni if we used one

    Possible combos

    Virginia Scarlett
    Virginia Caroline
    Virginia Celeste
    Virginia Penelope

    Georgia Celeste
    Georgia Iris

    Lucinda Kate
    Lucinda Iris

    Marlena Beatrice
    Marlena Ruth

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    I love Virginia and I think it's so sad that it has such teasing potential because it has so much depth and history. I would personally go with Georgia though, because it's just as classy but has less teasing potential. I have a 2 year old cousin named Georgia and she's adorable. I love the nickname Marnie but I can't get into Marlena. Lucinda just isn't that pretty to be blunt and it definitely isn't as classy as the others. Virginia and Georgia are both great choices!
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    I've never thought the virgin/vagina association was that bad...until I met a friend named Virginia. No one said anything as an adult, but she said she got teased a lot as a child, which is sad because I like the name Virginia a lot.

    Virginia Scarlett- If you're worried about the virgin/vagina teasing, Scarlett as a MN may not be the best idea. I see a lot of period jokes in her future.
    Virginia Caroline- Two state names seems heavy handed.
    Virginia Celeste- A nice combo.
    Virginia Penelope - My favorite of your Virginia combos

    Georgia Celeste- Flows nicely, but I'm not a fan of the name Celeste.
    Georgia Iris- I dislike two noun names put together. It sounds like a variety of Iris, not a name.

    Lucinda Kate- Love.
    Lucinda Iris- Also nice.

    Marlena Beatrice- Marlene sounds a bit stuffy to me, but if you use it, Beatrice is a nice MN.
    Marlena Ruth- I like Ruth, but combined wit Marlena it sounds very granny, and not in a chic way.

    My favorite of your first name suggestions is Georgia, but of the combos you suggested I like Lucinda Kate or Lucinda Iris the best. What about Georgia Kate or Georgia Penelope?

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    I think Virgina is absolutely useable. Especially with nicknames like "Ginny" or "Gigi".
    I love "Lucy" as a nickname choice for Lucinda. I feel like it's the natural nickname choice over "Cindy".
    Georgia is another solid name with lots of nickname possibilities, "Gigi" is pretty cute.
    I like the way you pronounce Marlena, I do think it could easily be mispronounced though.

    My favorite for each of your combos:
    Virginia Caroline
    Georgia Celeste
    Lucinda Kate (My fav)
    Marlena Ruth

    Happy Naming

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    Personally I hate the name Georgia.

    I love the name Lucinda it's actually on my list also how about Lucinda Ivy instead of Iris. Lucinda Kate is cute.

    Marlena Ruth is cute.

    Personally I love Virginia but I would use it as a middle name and have Scarlett Virginia as a name. I know 1 person called Virginia and she hates the name she calls her self Ginny.

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