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    Is it weird to use a name tied to a culture you're not from?

    I like a lot of names that are Greek, Scandinavian, and French, and I am absolutely no part Greek Scandinavian or French. I speak French fluently and plan on majoring in it in college so maybe that is a factor, but do you think it's weird when parents name their child a name from a culture that isn't their own? Like parents that aren't at all Italian naming their baby Constanza or Giovanna?
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    That's a tough one that I am battling right now too. I love French and English names. But I am married to an Italian with an Italian last name. It doesn't appear to be an Italian name until you pronounce it. He wants to use Italian names for our children. I want to use French/English...

    I think it is ok to use names from another culture. Do names like Oliver Pang, Elisabetta Smith, and John Garcia really sound "weird"? I don't think so. I know that in Italy, it is chic to use French names right now and several of my Italian friends use the English version of their name. In France, a lot of people use Italian names (Enzo is one of the top names right now). Plus, most of our names are Greek or Latin rooted anyways, and I personally do not have a Greek or Latin maiden name and it seemed to "work".

    Use the name that you love, and don't worry about the culture it came from. If nothing else, it will make you seem adventurous, well-traveled, or broad-minded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by finuneby View Post
    Use the name that you love, and don't worry about the culture it came from.
    Yerp, provided it's not culturally or religiously offensive, I agree with above.

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    I tend more towards the side that it's a little cheesy if 1) it's a name that's very obviously pinpointed to a certain country/language/culture, 2) it's not a common or familiar name in your country/culture, and 3) you have zero connection to the culture it is from.

    I mean, I don't think you have to be full-blooded French to use Genevieve. The more familiar the name is, the less impetus to have a personal connection. Also, if it's a part of your ancestry, or if you've traveled to or lived in that place, or studied that language, then it's fine to me. EG: DH and I are totally Caucasian Americans, me with a totally German background and he with an "American mutt" of German, Jewish, Italian, Irish, English. We've lived in the South of the USA and we currently live in S Asia. So I'd be totally fine using an obviously German name, like Anneliese, or an obviously Southern name, and okay with using a Jewish, Italian, Irish name if they're not TOO out-there with spelling, pronunciation, and unfamiliarity. I also would be okay using a name from the country we live in currently, because we have learned the language here and it would be significant to us.

    However, I would feel weird using, say, Uilleam (Scottish version of William) or my #1 GP Czech name: Aneska. I just don't feel a strong enough connection to those places that I could feel proud to explain every time someone asked about my kid's unusual name.

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    I don't think it's weird. Lots of people use names from a different culture than they're own. The only problem I have with it is when people butcher the names. I find that highly culturally offensive. Keeva, Seersha, Neve, etc. It looks ugly, made up and ruins the names. Unfortunately, people frequently butcher Irish names in particular so I do basically scream internally, "Don't use the names if you aren't actually Irish/living in Ireland or willing to put the effort in and use the actual spelling!" It annoys me so much when people hold on to what little heritage they have of that country as an excuse. You obviously have no love of respect for the country if you're doing that.

    Sorry for the rant.

    But yes, if I loved a name enough, I'd use it no matter what (Without changing the spelling). And if I lived in America by the time I'm having babies, I wouldn't hesitate to use Oisín, Fionn, Darragh, etc.

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