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    Two more:


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    Elizabeth Lily nn Ellie
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    Nathaniel nn Nate

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    Anne Julie I read a story where this was the heroine's name and it struck me as cute.
    Sophie May
    Mary Beth (classic)
    Anna Rose
    Lily Claire
    Rose Marie
    June Marie
    Ava May
    Lucy Beth
    Suzie Sage
    Elsa Quinn
    Ginny Paige

    Of course you can mix and match.

    Famous ones:
    Marie Claire
    Eva Marie

    Good Luck!

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I agree that it can be hit-and-miss. Some double-barrels I love, but others seem trite or trendy or cutesy to me, it's hard to find a good balance. I like the idea of something like Poppy-Jane. Ella Kate, Emmy Roo (as a nn for something like Emmeline Ruby), and Eve-Claire are the ones that have made my own list at some point or another--and the French double barrel--Anne-Sophie--very nearly did. I'm sorry I can't offer more suggestions--I'm incredibly picky as far as double-barrels go.

    Good luck!
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