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  • Margaret Josephine, nn Margo

    28 60.87%
  • Margaret Josette, nn Margo

    2 4.35%
  • Margaret McGill, nn Margo

    1 2.17%
  • Margaret DeMerle, nn Margo

    2 4.35%
  • Margaret Lillian, nn Margo

    6 13.04%
  • Margaret Bertrice, nn Margo

    7 15.22%
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    Please Vote For Your Favorite Name Combo

    Hello All,
    Trying to find the best middle name that goes with Margaret, nn Margo. What do you think? Thanks for your help. Comments welcome!

    Our last name is German, 2 syllables and has a harsh 'K' sound in the middle.

    Big brother is named Harold Jonathan, goes by nn Hal.

    All middle names are family names. McGill and DeMerle are maiden names. Bertrice is mom's name, so please be gentle. I know it is really unpopular, but maybe after so many years of making fun of it, I have sort of grown to appreciate it. It is pronounced Bur-treece, NOT Burt-tris.

    Thanks so much!
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    I voted for Beatrice. Margaret Beatrice has such a great cohesiveness about it, plus the flow is great. Josephine would be a distant second choice, and I have to say the initials of BJ are partly to blame.

    I adore Margo as a nickname!
    Not so done having children after all. We're not ready for TTC quite yet but when we do get pregnant,the husband handed sole naming rights over to his name obsessed wife!

    Bouncing Baby Boy: Tristan Ambrose * Ambrose Galahad* Gabriel Beauregard
    Little Lady: Genevieve Claire * Josephine Adele * Fleur Josephine * Morgana

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    Gigigibbons- Glad you like Margaret Beatrice too. I'm sort of horrified that I'm leaning that way myself, but I keep coming back to that particular combo. Anyway, I was wondering about your BJ comment. Margaret Josephine would be MJ, not BJ...and Margaret Bertrice would be MB, not BJ either. Just wondering if I missed something...

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    Margaret with the nickname Margo is delightful and so full of future nickname options if she should ever seek another! It sounds great with Harold.

    I voted Bertrice for her middle. I love the idea of honoring, especially when more unusual names are involved. It's a bit quirky yet meaningful and that isn't a combination you can beat too often! I also like that it's just a smidgen away from Beatrice and thus retains a nice, rather elegant sound.

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    OK Berries,
    I really hope a few more of you will respond to this poll. Here is what I'm worried about....

    Still not sure if we should do Margaret, nn Margo, or just plain Margo. Yes, our son is Harold, and goes by nn Hal, but Hal just seems sooo short to me. Margo seems more substantial, like it could stand on it's own.

    Second, Margo Josephine (the most popular by far) and Margo Josette worry me because of the strong O sound I hear in both. Does that bother anyone else?

    Third, I'm very concerned that my daughter will hate me one day for giving her the mn Bertrice, but I find myself really liking it, especially with Margaret. Plus, it is my mother's name, added bonus. Thanks to the previous posters who commented on it. It made me feel better.

    Please respond if you have any advice about the above. I appreciate it!

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