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    Feelings about Ida?

    We are back to the beginning in terms of finding 'the one' for our baby girl name list. Ida is a family name that would honor a beloved grandmother, but I'm not sold on it yet. Just wondering what you think. It makes me think of short hand for 'I don't.' I'm trying hard to like it because it sounds good with our son's name...(sigh.) Enough about me, what do you hear in this name?? Thanks

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    I love Ida!!

    I'm constantly surprised its not more popular with all the short vowel names (Ella, Ava, Emma, Isla etc...) getting use but it seems quite under the radar. It's both familiar and rare.
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    I love Ida it's on ny short list. I think it's a more interesting version of Ada and has more spunk then Ivy

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    Love it, love it, love it! One of my favourite short names. Ever-cool, strong and feminine.
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    I think it's..... ok. Not bad in any way but I can picture it better on an adult than a baby or child. I do know someone named Ida and she's in her twenties, very tall and skinny and dramatic looking. Ida is a name for someone different for sure - it doesn't blend in with the crowd.
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