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    Calista - cuh LISS tuh or cuh LEES tuh?

    I've always heard cuh LISS tuh (and like it a lot better this way) but says cuh LEES tuh. Did they just get it wrong or have I only encountered Calistas that pronounce it wrong?
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    The name is used in other languages other than English where the "i" would be pronunced "ee". Neither pronunciation is wrong.
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    We have a little Calista and pronounce it Ca-liss-ta. Still working on a nickname :-) Callie/Cali doesn't seem to stick.

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    Have a student in my class named Calista and it is pronounced cuh LISS tuh. I have never heard it with the LEES in the middle...

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    Depends on the origin of the person who is pronouncing the name. English speakers pronounce it "LISS" and other cultures such as Spanish would use "LEES". Either is acceptable.
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