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    My dad kept on coming up with joke names when I was pregnant with Nico. He thought that calling him J___son J___son would mean that nobody would ever call him by the wrong name, or that I should name him Henry Richard so that he could nickname him Harry Dick (he always put on an American accent for this one, to make Harry sound more like Hairy) I can't remember the ones he suggested for a girl, but this time I've refused to discuss names with him. My mum and my in-laws are fine to talk with, although they do come up with suggestions I would never use, not because they're bad names but just not my style. None of them have tried to enforce any names though, they respect that it's the decision of me and my husband only.
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    Before I had my first, my mom told me that my sister and her had decided that Maura would be a great name for us to use. I pointed out that it rhymed with my own name and was therefore off the table.
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    My father-in-law several times asked what names we were considering, and when we told him, would look down thoughtfully, then look up and say, "Well, I've always thought Beauregard was a fine, old Southern name." The first time, I thought he was joking, but every time we went through this, there was such disappointment in his face when we didn't respond positively. Then when we did announce our name choice, again, disappointment.

    I never wasn't a family name. I would have loved to at least considered a name he suggested, but how could he have not seen that the name is, in so many ways, a caricature?
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    I haven't had anyone suggest names apart from jokingly. When I talk about names with my Mum she's always honest about what she thinks but never rude. She only ever vetoed names that she said are too popular or becoming too popular so I would regret using it later. Apart from my husband and mum I only talk about names with my sisters who are always brutally honest if they don't like my current choices!
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