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    My grandma tried to name my baby :)

    I know we all have stories like this. I've been keeping the name a secret from everyone but my mom and a few close friends. Recently, my grandma decided to give me the name she thought I should use. She said "I like Bethany Lenae/Lenay (leh-nay)" This actually surprised me a bit because 1) Bethany is a nice name I really enjoy on other peoples children 2) It's not something like any of her 9 or so siblings or my mom (Josephine, Dana, Kristy, Mary, Dixie etc) 3) Lenae seems so right now for my grandma to suggest!

    I told her I actually liked Bethany a lot but didn't like Lenae. I said "How about Bethany Lenore?" She LOVED it! Of course, she's not going to be Bethany Lenore, but I love that my grandma isn't so far away from my taste that we clashed horribly.

    I had a similar experience with my mom who suggested Constantina and Octavia to me, which are way closer to my style and she loved those two names. This was before we settled on Persephone. She actually loves Persephone and she generally likes the whole name, so yay!

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    My father-in-law repeatedly suggested Jennifer as a name for all four of his granddaughters before they were born. He said, "You can't go wrong with Jennifer!" Um, yes. You can.

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    I haven't had a kid yet, but I do this to other people. No shame

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    I think Bethany and Persephone are miles away in style. Cute story though.

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    I'm with boyandgirl! I think Bethany and Persephone are very very different! Other than they both have soft sounds and such.

    My mom has completely different tastes than me, she has suggested Adrian and Alexis in the past, yeah no. She is not going to understand when she has a grandchild named Lavender or Lachlan!
    His mom hasn't made any suggestions yet, but I imagine both his parents will have some when we are actually expecting!

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