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Thread: Name changes

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    Name changes

    What are your thoughts on name changes? If you could pick your own name what name would you pick and why?
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    Hmmm.... I have never met anyone who changed their name, and I have never changed mine either. I particularly love my name though. I rarely meet anyone with my name and I think it is classic and pretty.

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    I like my name and wouldn't change it, though i may change my middle name when i get married. my mn is my sister's fn, and being a berry that doesn't do well for me! if i would change my name i wouldn't use my favorites, those are for my future children. plus my faves are so out there for my family theyd probably think i was joking! probably change to Aurelia, Molly, or Matilda. i think if youre really going to change your nae as an adult, i would use a nickname no matter how far-off of a nn it is. i would probably chicken out of changing my entire name!
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    I am changing my name but only my last name. It's for religious reasons but I am choosing a name much nicer than my original one. I don't have a middle name so I'm adding one (Rose).

    I wouldn't mind changing my first even though it's okay. But I'm pretty established in my career and I think it would create a lot of confusion

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    I have changed my name three times - not my first name though as I expect you are really asking. When I married the first time, I kept my first and middle name but hyphenated my last name and My husbands. When we divorced, I dropped his last name and went back to my married name. When I remarried, I dropped my middle name and used my maiden name as a middle name and took my current husbands last name.

    Name changes are a lot of work - changing your social security information, drivers license, all legal and work related documents, bank accounts, etc. - but obviously I think it can be worth the work.

    A for my first name, it was very popular the decade I was born and both my sisters husbands have sisters with the same name. There were always a few of us in my classes at school and where I work, I know of 6 of us. However, the name is versatile and among us there are 4 different nicknames and five different spellings. All that said, my first name has served me well and I wouldn't change it.
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