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    Follow up on Leo/Alliteration

    My husband and I are considering the name Leo for a boy. The trouble is, our last name is Levy (pronounced Lee Vee) and I'm getting some push back about the alliterative double "lee" sound ( "lee-o lee vee). There doesn't seem to be consensus though, Some people don't have a problen with it and others do.

    Do you think Leo is a terrible match with our last name? I feel like the middle names we are considering will break up the lees... options are: Abram, Jordan, Nathaniel or Tobias.

    Obviously I wouldn't want to give my kid a name that would rub people the wrong way. But if the name is a little different bc its alliterative I'd be OK with that! Thanks

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    I think it's a little too much with it, unless you pronounce Leo the French way (Lay-O). But even the double L's bother me lol all of your options work better with your last name. Love Tobias with it the most!
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    Another option is to name him Lionel, nickname Leo. Would Lionel flow better with our ln?

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    I think alliteration can be cute. e.g. Liz Lemon. Of course you also have the issue of the double ee sound. I prob voted against it in a previous thread, but I would say if you love Leo, embrace it! If anyone comments just say, we think it's cute. End of convo. In fact the more I say it, the cuter it becomes

    I much prefer Leo Levy to Toby Levy, which has all of the rhyminess and none of the alliteration. I say no to Lionel.
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    I think Leo Levy sounds great! If nothing else, it is a memorable name, which can be a really good thing in life!

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