View Poll Results: Favourite Zara combos?

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  • Zara Catalina Eve

    5 16.67%
  • Zara Scarlett Sage

    3 10.00%
  • Zara Evalina Ivy

    3 10.00%
  • Zara Waverly Kate

    10 33.33%
  • Zara Ophelia Ivy

    9 30.00%
  • Zara Juliet Kate

    8 26.67%
  • Zara Isadora Ivy

    4 13.33%
  • Zara Genevieve Sage

    9 30.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Choose your favourite Zara combo!

    Please help me narrow down my options for Zara. Please vote for your favourites and if you could explain why you chose the combo you did. Or if you prefer another combo, please mention that!
    Big sister is Tove Seraphina Io.

    Options are
    Zara Catalina Eve
    Zara Scarlett Sage
    Zara Evalina Ivy
    Zara Waverly Kate
    Zara Ophelia Ivy
    Zara Juliet Kate
    Zara Isadora Ivy
    Zara Genevieve Sage

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    I like Zara Catalina Eve or Zara Evalina Ivy. These names seems to flow.

    Zara Scarlett Sage- Sounds a little harsh with all of the z/s sounds.

    Zara Juliet Kate- This also seems a bit harsh. Maybe due to the each part of the name beginning with a consonant...not sure.

    I like Zara Olivia Ivy

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    I voted for Zara Waverly Kate, but actually thought Zara Kate Waverly had a better flow. I think the rhyming ah/ah of the first name are nicely balanced by a one syllable to follow name. Good luck!

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    I voted for Waverly, Juliet and Catalina.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    I'm not a fan of the middle names starting with the same letter like Zara Isadora Ivy or Zara Scarlett Sage. I would also avoid a middle name ending in the a sound like Zara Catalina Eve, Zara Evalina Ivy, Zara Ophelia Ivy and Zara Isadora Ivy. I voted for Zara Waverly Kate, Zara Juliet Kate and Zara Genevieve Sage. By itself I like Zara Waverly Kate best but paired with sister Tove Seraphina Io I like Zara Genevieve Sage best.
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