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Thread: Honouring Sadie

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    Honouring Sadie

    We're expecting baby #4 in August, it'll be our 2nd daughter & last child. I'd really like to use my Nanny's name as she passed away last year, her name was Sarah, but she was known as Sadie.

    I don't want to use it as a first name in its current form because I'm not big on diminutives as given names, and prefer longer names which can be shortened. Sarah isn't an option either as it's my sister in laws name (although its a middle name option). So would like to either use it as a middle or find a longer form of Sadie.

    We live near London and I prefer classic but underused names, nothing with crazy spellings or ending in 'lyn' or 'ley'.
    Our surname begins with a W, 3 syllables and is the same as Mrs Doubtfire's

    I'd LOVE some Nameberry help.

    Current children are:

    Madeleine Rose
    Gabriel James
    Nathaniel Ray

    Combinations I'm seriously considering:

    Isadora Primrose W.......
    Primrose Sadie W.......

    names I also like - Florence, Matilda, Jemima, Tabitha, Aurelie

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    I've been struggling to find a good longer name for Sadie too! I'm afraid i've haven't got very far so i'm not much help, sorry.

    Isadora is sublime with your other children's names. Its such a beautiful, strong name. I like Primrose but it feels a little frivilous as a first name with Madeleine, Gabriel and Nathaniel. Isadora Primrose has lovely balance and flow, as long as you don't mind repeating the Rose sound of your daughter's middle name. Isadora Violet or Isadora Poppy would also be lovely.

    The only other thing i can think of to honour a Sarah/Sadie is Seraphina. Failing that, Matilda Sadie, Florence Sadie, Jemima Sadie,Tabitha Sadie or Aurelie Sarah sound wonderful to me.
    ~ Mama to Juniper and Arlo ~

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    I think Isadora is a great way of getting Sadie

    Cassandra or Cassidy come to mind and I think both work well with your kids. Cassandra might be a bit of a stretch though, but I think it works.

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    Thanks for the input

    I really love Primrose, and despite the already having used Rose as a mn, I'm reluctant to let it go.

    Unfortunately, H has a sister named Cassie, so 'Cas' names are out.

    Isadora is really growing on me and has a plethora of cute nicknames if Sadie didn't fit her.

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    If she will be called Sadie, I would call her Sadie. It is a well known name and stands on it's own very well. I love your other kid's names and think Sadie would fit in perfectly.

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