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    Your kids names are fantastic and you have a really lovely list, but Cordelia Ann and Violet Ann are definitely my two favorites! I don't really like a lot of matchy endings in a sibset, so I would avoid Lottie, Nellie, and Ellie with siblings Josie and Ollie. I also agree with niftylavalamp about Mirabella and Lucy... So that leaves Cordelia and Violet, and both are absolutely beautiful and compliment your other kids names really well
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    From your list I would vote for either Eleanor or Violet!
    Not so done having children after all. We're not ready for TTC quite yet but when we do get pregnant,the husband handed sole naming rights over to his name obsessed wife!

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    I have always liked "lottie" for Charlotte but you already have two children with names ending in the "ie" sound. Might be nice to balance out the Bea. I think in the mid 2000's "Ellie" "Ella" etc... were one of the most common names I heard. I don't say that negatively, but just factually. I work with children, and in having many peers having children I've just heard that A LOT. And that's probably b/c its a cute name, but just thought worth mentioning. Mia, being that it doesn't end in "ie" and has 3 letters might go well with Bea. But I think I like Mirabell Margaret better than Mirabella. Just my personal feeling. However, I don't think you can go wrong with any of your choices. They're all great!

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    Cordelia "Delia"- I love Cordelia! It's far too underused, and fits well with your other children's names.
    Charlotte "Lottie"- I'm a litt;e sad that Charlotte is getting so popular, but with the nn Lottie, it seems fresh again.
    Penelope "Nellie"- Love Penelope, but much prefer the nn Penny.
    Eleanor "Ellie"- Eleanor is nice, but I'm getting tired of hearing Ellie everywhere.
    Violet "Vi"- Not my favorite on your list, but a solid option.
    Mirabella "Mia"- Mirabella may be my favorite name on your list, but Mia doesn't seem like a logical nn option. What about Mira instead? Be a, Josie, Ollie, and Mira is adorable!
    Lucy- Lucy also fits well with your subset, but it's odd to me that you'd use a full name for all of them but this one. I think Lucille nn Lucy names much more sense.

    I don't think you can go wrong with any of these names, but my favorites would be Cordelia/Delia Ann, Charlotte/Lottie Anne, or Mirabelle/Mira Ann.

    Good luck deciding!

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    Lovely choices! "Lottie" is SO cute as a nickname for Charlotte.

    A few more ideas -
    Amelia "Amy"
    Emmeline "Emmy"
    Gabrielle "Gabby"
    Scarlett "Lettie"
    Madeleine "Maddie"
    Vivienne "Vivi"
    Elizabeth "Lizzie"
    Margaret "Maggie"
    Annabelle "Annie"
    Victoria "Tori"

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